What if Chanti gadu from Idiot movie is on Quora

Appatlo mana Chanti youth andariki chala inspirational charector :P (kidding bro). endukante preminchina ammayini gelchukunnadu. veesy ga cinema ending lo civil services pass ayipoyi IPS ayipotadu. mari alanti Chanti gadu real life lo manam vade Quora lo undi, andulo oka interesting question ki answer cheste ela untadane thought-ye ee post. have fun. 

Quora question: I love a girl from rich family. is that fine or will I get any problems?
she is from a rich family. we have been in love for past 2 years. we are thinking to talk to our parents. I am from middle class and I seriously doubt that her parents approve our marriage. what do you guys think we should do.

Chanti answer: you can and you should to talk to her parents. I myself loved a girl from a very rich family. but that's not it. she is the daughter of city police commissioner. her father was against our relationship. he warned and threatened me saying he is the police commissioner. why should I fear. in city, many commissioners come and go. but Chanti gadu is local. he even tried to kill me. his goons broke my leg. even though i was hurt, I frighted back. took support from friends and family. finally we won. our love has won. we got married in the same police station where i was beaten hard to quit loving her. i also worked hard (I don't know if I did) and cleared Civil services exam.I am an IPS officer now. all happies. subham card.
finally one thing babay, if your love is pure, nothing can stop you. so stay strong and go ahead. all the best.let me know if you need any help.