Things every girl should KNOW!!

1. Be yourself - love yourself : Fair skin ledano..Slim ga lemu ano feel avvakarledu. ivanni beauty and slimming product companies create chesina oka abadham. Your confidence is your strength.

2. Comfort is more important than the style : Style kosam tight ga unna dresses veyadam leda revealing dresses veyadam.. is fine. But if you are not comfortable wearing them but still you wear for the sake of style. NO. DONT.

3. Be friends with achievers: chala mandi ammayilu beautiful people thone friendship chestaru. But beauty is not everything and permanent. Follow achievers. Achieve something. 

4. Facebooks likes doesn’t matter: Yes, likes chala vaste manamedo podichesinattu kadu. Ravatledu ani feel avvakarledu. it’s just a platform to connect with friends. Everyone is busy with their lives. Get busy with yours. 

5. Not every guy wants to flirt: Manalni chuse prathi okaru flirt chestaru anukovadam thappu. konthamandi random ga chusundachu. kontha mandi friendship kosam try cheyachu. And being friends is not bad, you know. 

6. Money is not everything: if you are looking for that RICH GUY who owns everything you wanted. Understand Money is not everything and if you don’t, you will only regret when its late. 

7. Don’t do it because it’s cool: don’t drink or smoke because it’s cool. It’s not healthy. Period.

8. Breakup with the wrong guy: niku aa abbayi correct kadu ani anpiste, try to sort it out. kudarakapothe breakup with that guy and make peace with it. No need of hanging around.

9. Be independent: Don’t depend on someone, not your partner, not your parents. Gain that freedom. 

10. You can do things: Ammayilu idi cheyakudadu, adi cheyakudadu ani society pettina boundaries ni follow avvakarledu. If your heart wants it, go for it. 

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